Data support

Existing GIS datasets

Base GIS data layers can be downloaded from the Google Drive.
For an interactive map showing the Fowler’s Gap study site, and a range of spatial data layers please see embedded map below or follow this Google Maps link.

New UAV and field datasets

Shortly before, during, and after the field campaign this web page will provide instructions and metadata templates for uploading UAV and field data. We request that all data be made publicly available in order to facilitate scientific progress in UAV remote sensing.


During the week prior to the workshop, a permanent Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Reference Station will be installed at Fowlers Gap, with this becoming part of the Continuously Operating Reference Stations network in NSW (CORSnet-NSW)( This network provides a precise positioning service for the state, and thereby supports a wide range of applications and the science community.

It is anticipated (although not guaranteed) that the CORS will be fully functioning prior to the Workshop. All data will be made freely available to participants, thereby allowing higher level geometric correction of the UAV and ground data collections. We would like to thank the NSW Spatial Services (Survey Infrastructure and Geodesy) for their enthusiasm and willingness to provide this service.

If you require any further technical information, please contact Dr Volker Janssen of NSW Spatial Services (; Tel: 02 6332 8426).

If you require access to the data or real time services from the Fowlers Gap CORS, please contact Garry Taunton of NSW Spatial Services (, Tel 02 63 328 463)

Examples of existing spatial datasets



UAV sites





Topo map







Landsat Surface Reflectance animation

Landsat Seasonal Fractional Cover animation