The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Australia, and indeed globally, has proliferated over the past few years within many institutions (e.g., Universities, governments, businesses) purchasing and regularly using UAVs for a wide range of applications. Whilst many UAVs are purchased ‘off the shelf’, others have been individually designed and constructed carrying a range of instruments ranging from simple RGB cameras to lidar and hyperspectral sensors.

Given the rapid developments in UAVs, we are organising a 3-day workshop at Fowler’s Gap in northeast New South Wales (13 – 15 September 2016, arriving 12 Sept., leaving 16 Sept.) which will allow users to showcase their UAV platforms and sensors and demonstrate the relative benefits and limitations of these and associated data processing workflows. To allow comparison of capability and demonstration of applications, a range of ground truth data (e.g., on vegetation structure, stock distributions, geology) will be collected over the 3-day period.  The resulting images and data are also expected to contribute a large resource for educational purposes and to establish a baseline of vegetated and non-vegetated attributes, which can be used in future years in the development of algorithms for detecting and understanding change.



  • To assess the role of UAVs in addressing scientific issues and environmental applications, with focus on rangelands.
  • To provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to compare UAV platforms, software and operating capabilities.
  • To generate a baseline dataset for Fowlers Gaps rangelands that can be used to support environmental mapping and future monitoring.
  • To establish a framework for regular scientific meetings in Australia, thereby supporting exchange of knowledge and know how for rangelands but also for other environments in Australia.
  • To generate a comprehensive dataset for school and university education.


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